Our mission since 1992 has been to be the leader provider of security services for the private and public sectors. Governments benefit from having a pool of subject matter experts in several areas. And, businesses rely in our track record to handle all forms of security concerns, including handling complex situations in one country or 20 countries.

Municipal Services for local, county, and state governments include security consulting, criminal justice, policing, and community policing programs. Our policing programs are able to improve services with minorities and disadvantaged communities with high degrees of violence.

In the National Security area we have Highly Qualified Experts (HQE) that focus  in terrorism, counterterrorism, anti-radicalization, intelligence (all forms), counterintelligence, intelligence analysis (all sources), and border security. We cover borders and all forms of transportation considered in the National Security Portfolio by DHS.

In the private sector we handle  risk management, insurance, risk mitigation, special contingency risks, technology, mergers and acquisitions, and expansion into other countries including hostile environments with high crime and unstable governments. Energy companies, including oil and hydroelectrics located in hostile environments, supply chain transportation (all forms), commercial airports, seaports, and canals are our specialty.

Some of the intelligence activities can be tailored for the private sector and comply with constitutional restrictions as well as privacy policies. We are also able to handle corporate espionage and instal programs for counter-espionage.

Small and large governments and small to Fortune 500 companies,  are familiar with Contingent Security Services, Ltd.

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