Services available inside and outside the United States. 

Kidnapping & Ransom (K&R) and Extortion:

K&R and Extortion  are crimes in very high numbers in places in the world. Our firm handles Latin America. Clients in other parts of the world are referred to our service provider. Our clients include individuals, professionals, small business owners, farmers, corporations, and large international corporations.

We offer consulting, training, planning, risk mitigation, crime prevention and insurance protection for clients outside the United States.

Inside the United States, we handle every phase of the program.

We are able to deploy crisis management consultants to your location within 24 hours after an incident is reported. We retain the services of the best companies in the world to manage the kidnapping, consult you in negotiations, and they stay with you every step of the way.

We are able to repay back to our clients the money paid for ransom up to the face amount of the policy. Without the policy, the victims are left to cash all their assets and even sell everything they own to get a release.

Companies in the field can provide you with only one option… as security consultants, we are able to provide you with up to 4 options. 

Specific Coverage for:

–       Ransom Money
–       Informant Money
–       Loss of Ransom In Transit
–       Crisis Management Services
–       Accidental Death
–       Legal Liabilities
–       Rehabilitation
–       Personal Security Consultation
–       Reward Money
–       Negotiation Services
–       Family Counseling
–       Medical Services & Emergency Evacuation
–       Interpretive & Forensic Services
–       Business Security Consultation


Joel Vargas has an insurance license for the state of Illinois and a non-resident license in Texas.