In a world full of political uncertainty, mitigation of political risk is a significant factor in the success of foreign projects, investments, and contracts. By obtaining the proper intelligence reports, clients in the private and public sectors can act accordingly and to protect their interests.

Our clients are looking for problems that cannot only put a risk on the government but also in the packets of corporations.

Contingent Security Services, Ltd. is also able to insure some risks in the private sector outside the United States. In addition to traditional political risk insurance programs, risk transfer strategies have become increasingly more flexible and can be adapted to better suit the needs of our clients.

They can be channeled through captive management companies, special purpose vehicles, or can be used by financial institutions to mitigate the political risk in their portfolio of emerging market assets.

Through creativity and flexibility, the Political Risk group has placed difficult risks and developed customized solutions to complex client issues. The public sector uses our intelligence programs and the private sector used the intelligence program and is able to obtain insurance to protect against political risks.

Social unrest and protests are risks that can be costly. Our services provide the required contingency plans that may include the possibility of having to evacuate the country within a short notice.

We can monitor any situation anywhere in the world “Real Time” and gather as much intelligence as possible. With our technology were also able to engage anyone on the ground to seek support or collaboration. 

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