The Division of Political Services is a division of Contingent Security Services, Ltd. that serves the public and private sectors.  While we have a number of consultants (about 10 languages) who currently advice high-level government officials in congress, parliamentarians, and decision/policy makers around the world, we are able to tailor a program anywhere in the world and to any size client.

The programs are offered to a selective clientèle and the services include:

  • Political intelligence.

  • Policy including domestic and foreign policy.

  • Corruption including violations of the Foreign Corruption Practices Act. 

  • Strategic assistance during an election (regardless of position being sought).

  • Monitoring political elections anywhere in the world.

  • Lobbyist agencies that work for the public and private sectors. We are able to work with these advocates to produce briefings, dossiers, and a constant flow of intelligence.

  • Specialized training.

  • Political risks assessments and support.

  • Political unrest assessment, analysis, and response.

The political field today has many challenges. Politics affect interests in the private and public sectors like never before. The world has become much more smaller with technology, the internet, data mining, espionage, and situations can change at any moment.

Our top advisers are former members of congress and other high-level officials, in policy, law enforcement, intelligence, and running think-tanks around the world.

Our company is able to compile any kind of research necessary to produce results. Members of our team have been advising top government officials and political leaders all over the world.

We have assembled the best team. In a volatile world, our clients have the ability to stay one step ahead.