Currently, serving the private and public sectors. The following are areas of focus:

  • Municipal Services including Internal Affairs Investigations that cross state lines or international borders. In the US, licensed personnel is retained to handle the work that requires a license. 

  • Background Investigations for new recruits and existing law enforcement, intelligence officers, and corporate personnel that hold high levels of trust or fiduciaries.

  • Corruption Investigations in the United States and Outside the Country for the Private & Public Sectors.

  • Corporate Investigations. No matter the size of the problem or complexity of the problem. We have a strong focus in Fraud Investigations, Corruption, and Violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act in Mexico.

  • Integrity Investigations of government personnel. Focus in the United States and Mexico. Officers in National Security positions and border personnel. We have the capacity to look into assets of a person in Mexico including assets placed under someone else’s name.  

  • Recurring Security Clearance Investigations for National Security Clearances. We provide support to existing agencies and contractors performing investigations for their personnel and clients. Investigations in Mexico is our specialty. 

  • Corporate and Executive Security. In the United States, see below for licensing information. In Mexico, license in the entire country. Currently perform over 5000 security escorts of people and cargo per month in the entire Mexican Territory. Licensing including by the Mexican National Security to perform sensitive investigations. 

  • Cyber Security Consulting and Investigations.

  • Computers & Electronic Forensics and e-Discovery (Private and Public Sectors).

  • Security Services include these targets for Terrorist Attacks, Schools, Universities, and Research Facilities.

  • Transportation Security Services for Rail. During incidents such as a train derailment or a terrorist attack, we are able to provide licensed security and investigative personnel that can augment the existing security and police forces available to secure the scene or multiple scenes.