Political Intelligence is an innovative program for clients in politics and policy advisers. This concept is not a new one. Contingent Security Services, Ltd. offers a unique program. Political figures look for opportunities to make intelligent decisions.

The private sector wants to ensure they make the right decisions as well and need advocates that will use the best HUMAN INTELLIGENCE (HUMINT) and know how to access OPEN SOURCE INTELLIGENCE (OSINT).

Our system is able to monitor most of the social networks, blogs, micro blogs, and websites available in Open Source.

We can monitor social media worldwide for the client. We can also build on what works for the client.

Our system is able to provide intelligence that can be put to use immediately. This is one example during the 2014 Illinois gubernatorial elections:

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Some of the sample reports that can be displayed in screens and TV’s. We can visualize all kinds of situations as they are happening. The same can be done for the private sector when it comes to a product.

Unlike most social media programs, we look at context in a sentence. We do not use just a word to define the meaning. Of course, Rauner won the election. This is just one way our clients can run elections to win.

Contacts us for more information and for a trial on this area.  joel@contingentsecurity.com  USA 312-650-9363.