The energy sector/industry requires specialized skills and training when it comes to security in the 21st century. Energy supply is what makes economies function effectively. While the focus on most security consulting companies is country or field specific, our business model allows the implementation of fully customized programs that address security in many different levels.

We can work in the planning process of future projects as well as with existing operations. 

Some of the areas are:

·   Infrastructure. Depending in the country, critical infrastructures are owned by the private or public sectors. Our consultants are able to work with both sectors effectively.

·   Transportation. Critical to energy is transportation. This poses several challenges as many times, the company or client may have cyber security and a high degree of logical security but may lack the security in the physical world.

·   Intelligence. The energy sector/industry has needs unique to the market. Competitive intelligence, trends, open source, and analysis of policy and political changes are all critical parts of the operation. Our analysts can fully integrate inside a company and build a customized program. Staying one step ahead is key.

·  Criminal and Terrorism. Criminal organizations in Mexico for example, steal over 1.5 billion dollars in theft of gasoline and diesel. Terrorist acts in Colombia used to affect the two oil pipes. We are able to analyze the problems and provide solutions.

Contingent Security Services, Ltd. can assist in all three interrelated energy sector/industry:

·      Electric.

·      Petroleum.

·      Natural Gas.

The challenges in these three segments related to security are vast and they are complex. Transportation of coal for example in the electric utilities requires coal and rail is the primary form for transportation.

Nuclear plants also combust natural gas.

Hydroelectric and other renewable sources include solar, wind and geothermal.

The transportation industry is a necessary factor in energy production. Rail, pipelines, trucking, and cabling require other forms of energy in order to work.

The Energy Sector is well aware of its vulnerabilities and is leading a significant voluntary effort to increase its planning and preparedness.

In the United States, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has been able to build cooperation and information sharing with the private sector in this area. Unfortunately, this is not the same case with other nations outside the US and Canada. Some of the countries face significant challenges.

Yet, criminal activity and attacks by organized crime and terrorists now pose additional challenges. Billions of dollars are stolen in gasoline and diesel by criminal organizations and the trend appears to be increasing.

Many sector owners and operators have extensive experience abroad with infrastructure protection and have more recently focused their attention on cybersecurity. Contingent Security Services, Ltd. is able to become an important element inside the enterprise and aid in the identification of risks and threats in order to properly address them.

No challenge is too big for our consultants.


 The Energy Sector-Specific Plan by DHS.