ETS Intelligence is one of the leading Private Detective and Security Agencies in the United States. We specialize in complex and high-tech investigations performed by experienced investigators using the latest in Cell Phone and Computer Forensics technology and methodologies. We have worked on cases from Human Resources Investigations to Capital Murder and Post Conviction Relief Petitions. Our skill set is unique and its applications diverse.

Smartphones Phones & Tablets:  Recovery of hidden and deleted data through logical and physical data extractions from smartphones and tablets including iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and Windows based devices can be done during depositions, at your offices, at their offices or at ETS’ labs. Items that can commonly be recovered include passwords, emails, SMS text messages, chats, images, contacts, call history, website history, calendars, media files, geo-tags & location information and documents.

Laptops/Desktops/Servers/Networks: On-site and in-lab imaging provides a bit-level copy of all data from hard drives, memory chips, USB devices, SD Cards, GPS Devices, CD’s, and DVD’s. The data acquisition and imaging processes of a forensic evidence evaluation are critical to the success of the case. Proper handling of digital evidence requires skilled hands and predetermined procedures to avoid damage to critical evidence and corruption of data. This includes documenting every step in the process and meticulously maintaining the chain of custody.

11_Chain of Custody 11.jpgDigital Evidence Collection and Retention Practices: Our meticulous chain of custody methodologies and practices have been used as the basis for a CLE Approved training we conducted with the Federal Bar Association in the Northern District of Illinois in April of 2014. The program “Electronic Evidence, Gather It in the Field, Get It to the Jurors” was well received and provided insight into the developing presence of digital evidence at trials in the United States courts. Our Best Practices exceed those established by the United States Secret Service for law enforcement professionals. We are experienced in depositions and live court appearances having been accepted in the Illinois courts as qualified to render an expert opinion in many subject areas.

Video and Photo Enhancement: Our experienced forensic analysts utilize the latest in hardware and software technology to process and analyze files. Surveillance video clean-up is the most common of tasks. Success in cleaning up the image(s) is often dependent upon how the source files were collected and formatted at the scene. Our digital evidence technicians are available to go out and collect these items for you so the collection and chain of custody is performed in a forensically sound fashion for later use in court.

Audio File Enhancement: As with video files, we use the latest in technology to enhance and isolate relevant sections of audio files for review by investigators and counsel. This may be a low voice heard in the background of another conversation or the sounds particular to a location during the commission of a crime that is under investigation.