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David Ratkovich is a Licensed Private Detective, Security Contractor and Law Enforcement Officer with over 20 years of business experience. As the founder and Executive Director of ETS Intelligence, Mr. Ratkovich oversees the broad scope of intelligence, investigative (traditional and digital) and security operations throughout the United States. Clients include major law firms, corporate America, high net-worth individuals, government, religious organizations and law enforcement agencies.

As an entrepreneur since 1996, Mr. Ratkovich has worked on many business projects. Over the years, he has overseen workforce’s of hundreds of employees and outside contractors both utilizing thousands of pieces of heavy equipment and advanced technology. Among the spectrum of tasks were sales process design and implementation, government regulatory and compliance management, job planning, shift scheduling, recruiting, human resources, payroll, insurance and various corporate regulatory and compliance issues.

In the Profession

Having performed thousands of investigations in his career, Mr. Ratkovich has earned his reputation as being reliable, detail oriented and competent. His attention to detail and ability to communicate technically as well as with lay speak has made him a great investigator and a great expert witness. This was exemplified during People of Illinois v. Jose Garcia (2013). During his testimony in this capital murder trial, Mr. Ratkovich explained the steps that should be taken during the proper collection and handling of digital evidence. While discussing the more technical aspects of the work he performed in analyzing the surveillance video, he was able to communicate effectively with the judge, the attorneys and each and every juror through eye contact and hand motions using common words and analogies to find a way to relate the material to the listener. The court accepted Mr. Ratkovich as an expert witness testifying on the following: (a) Cell Phone & Computer Forensics; (b) Video Enhancement and Forensics; (c) Digital File Recovery & Restoration; (d) Data Recovery; and (e) Best Practices of Digital Evidence Handling, Collection, and Documentation.

Mr. Ratkovich is a sworn police officer and a member of the Fraternal Order of Police. In addition to working for his host agency, he works with law enforcement agencies as a special investigator handling a variety of investigations including electronic evidence collection, computer forensics and internal affairs. As a certified firearms instructor with the Illinois State Police and the National Rifle Association, he teaches classes on Concealed Carry, Basic Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, and personal protection tactics for inside and outside the home.

Interport Police – Cyber Intelligence

On a national and international level, Mr. Ratkovich is a Special Adviser for Cyber Intelligence & Digital Investigations for the Interport Police as well as a Special Agent and Security Adviser to the Director of Law Enforcement Operations at the Office of the Secretary General. As the private sector liaison, he assists in the development, coordination, and implementation of information, programs, and strategies geared towards the integration of information sharing platforms and human intelligence amongst the various airport and seaport police agencies throughout the world enhancing the collective abilities of these agencies to suppress the global threat of terrorism. In early 2014, Mr. Ratkovich received the award as “Honorary Chief of the Interport Police” for his distinguished service.

Illinois Crime Prevention Association

Serving in his capacity as the President of the Illinois Crime Prevention Association (ICPA), Mr. Ratkovich works with many law enforcement agencies throughout the state to develop and implement resource and information sharing programs to allow member agencies access to a wide variety of crime prevention materials and to assist with the implementation of these programs within their communities. In addition to being the president, he donates significant time to this Not-for Profit organization on a day to day basis by managing the website, planning events, coordinating with trainers for presentations, and networking with other crime prevention practitioners from across the country.

National Crime Prevention Council

As a Senior Instructor and Fraud Investigator, Mr. Ratkovich teaches a “Train-The-Trainer” program sponsored by FINRA, in conjunction with ICPA, regarding the education of citizens on the program known as “Outsmarting Investment Fraud”. It outlines to the participants how to identify “Identity Theft” and “Fraudulent Investments”. In this program, crime prevention specialists from around the country participate in the exchange of programs and information related to these topics.

In the Community

Mr. Ratkovich offers his expertise to local school districts by providing Internet Safety Training and Social Media Education to parents and teachers at no cost. The program helps people better understand the risks associated with and long term effects of cyber-bullying and social media information sharing.

Sensei Ratkovich was the former program founder and Chief Instructor for The Cops ‘N’ Kids Foundation, an Illinois Not for Profit Corporation, which taught martial arts and motor skill development to children and young adults with disabilities such as Down Syndrome. A lifelong member of the American Bu Kyoku Ryu Association and Z’s Martial Arts Academy, David is ranked as a 4th Degree Black Belt and specializes in (CQC) Close Quarters Combat, Women’s Self Defense, Firearms Training and the Use of Force Continuum.

Throughout his career as a martial artist, he has been involved with the advanced training of many police officers and first responders from many levels of law enforcement. Several times a year, he travels throughout the United States and provides specialized training to special use teams such as S.W.A.T. in the advanced implementation of defensive tactics in non-permissive environments. Training programs are individualized by department and often built around integration with Active Shooter Training and Education.